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HARDsoft Microprocessor Systems

HARDsoft Microprocessor Systems was founded in 1995, specializes oneself in projecting and to executing of prototypes and of short series of specific electronic devices. HARDsoft offers ISA and PCI cards to PC computer, EURO modules and independent devices having use in measurements, to steering and of control and camera systems using specialistic, programmed digital cameras. HARDsoft possesses experience in projecting of video systems - High Speed Camera System. HARDsoft projects and produces devices controling single-camera and multi-camera systems to makes photoes with very large speeds. HARDsoft produces framegrabber card designed to acquire image from not standard video camera. The framegrabber card can be used in medical equipment and microscopy.
HARDsoft’s systems are used in scientific institutes in very different domains: automobile industry, railway, medicine, microscopy, mines. Trumps of firm is projecting and producting single, of not standard systems.
Systems are built from modules and devices produced completely in HARDsoft company. Permits this on quick realization of system and assures effective service for customer. HARDsoft offered systems especially interesting to realization of new projects: scientific and industrial, where realization time, generality solutions, programming of parameters and stability and reliability of system have basic practical meaning.
HARDsoft’s customers are institutes scientific and investigative centres in country and with foreign lands in the USA, Germany, Holland and in France.
Select from list:
Phase Shifter / Time Delayer CPFT V4.1
HSC-40BW Camera
HSC-145S Camera
HSC-55BW Camera
Sequencer V5.0 EURO
Sequencer V5.11
Sequencer V801-BM
HSD-Sequencer V700-EM
HSD-Sequencer V710-EM
HSD-Sequencer V720-EM
HSD-Sequencer V750-EM
IL-105/6X Illuminator
PIV Systems
HSCamS-145PIV PIV System
HSSeqS-V10M PIV System
Cordin Model 220-8
Phase Shifter / Time Delayer
Ta PC card developed for shifting a trigger pulse especially in periodical but also in non periodical experiments
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