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Sequencer V5.11
Programmable Pulse Sequences Generator - PC card
The Sequencer is a programmable 16 channel pulse generator. The pulse width, the pulse interval, the number of pulses and the number of the output channel are freely programmable. Pulse sequences can be started by a remote hardware trigger pulse or by software.
The Sequencer is designed as an PC ISA card.
Due to the graphical interface used in the software the programmed pulse patterns can be displayed on the PC monitor.

Technical Specifications
Five working modes: Single, Restart, Continue, Trickle, Arming-Continue
Input connectors: Arming, Trigger, External Clock
Programmable active slope of Trigger and Arming pulses
Software simulated Trigger and Arming
External Sequencer clock input: 0 to 25 MHz, BNC
16 digital outputs with user selectable levels
TTL (50 mA max.)
12 V
up to 25 V (using external power supply)
Minimum delay 50 ns
Minimum pulse width 50 ns
Up to 100 Sequences
Up to 15000 Pulses
Input to output jitter: 12,5 ns
Internal programmable pulse generator 0.01 Hz - 1 MHz
2 additional 8 bit output ports
4 external inputs with optocouplers
Two channel DAC, resolution 8 bit
Software for Windows 98/2000/XP
Select from list:
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HSC-40BW Camera
HSC-145S Camera
HSC-55BW Camera
Sequencer V5.0 EURO
Sequencer V5.11
Sequencer V801-BM
HSD-Sequencer V700-EM
HSD-Sequencer V710-EM
HSD-Sequencer V720-EM
HSD-Sequencer V750-EM
IL-105/6X Illuminator
The Sequencer can be used for triggering of complex scientifical and industrial set-ups applying various components such as multi-camera systems, pulsed light sources and accompanying devices. It is particularly useful in machine automation and electronic test. As a PC card it can control other units integrated with your PC without external cables. It does not required an external power supply.
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