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The HSCamS-VStroboscope is a system for video analysis and documentation of fast periodic procedures. This system is used primarily in the areas of measurement techniques or in quality control and also includes picture processing in real time.
  • Flash-free high-speed video stroboscope.
  • Real time observation and record of periodical and non- periodical repetitive events.
  • Longer video sequences are recorded in real time and whenever required displayed again in slow motion/quick motion/still video.
  • Observation with programmable phase shifts within an extremly wide frequency range (up to 1MHz).
  • Record of external single shots which can be triggered exactly.
  • Standard pixel graphic data format.
  • User-friendly software (Windows 98/2000/XP).

Stroboscopes are used to visualize repetitive events, which cannot been seen directly from the human eye. Generally, light flashes triggered synchronously to the examined event are used for this purpose. This method provides an apparently stationary, permanent picture.

An alternative way to achieve a stroboscopic effect is realized using the flash-free high-speed video stroboscope. The electronic shutter of a special video camera is opened for a short time - exactly at the same moment when the standard stroboscope releases a flash. The picture achieved will be immediately acquired, digitized, stored and shown on the monitor. The real time slow-motion results from using an especially developed digital phase shifter. The trigger signals can either be taken from the object via a suitable sensor or via a frequency generator which is used for controlling the object. The sharply-defined, high-definition shots which are indicated by high repetition rate, that mean absolutely flicker-free, guarantee for an agreeable and a non-exhausting observation.

Description of system components

The camera of the "progressive scan" provides high-definition full-size pictures - also in an asynchronous reset/restart mode. It is connected to the computer by a special cable. Mains supply is provided by the computer. The configuration (normal, asynchronous, interlaced, noninterlaced, AGC on/off) as well as the paramter of the camera (shutter speed time, amplification factor, black level, white clipping) are comfortably controlled via the software. These factors can be stored into the non-volatile camera memory.

The framegrabber is able to acquire and digitize the video pictures in real time and stores them as sequences directly into the computer RAM. The pictures will be presented on the PC monitor in full-size format at the same time.

Phase Shifter
The digital frequency independent phase shifter enables the observation of a periodically moving object with a programmable phase shift. The phase shift can be continously changed via the software, whereas this results in a slow motion effect. For non-periodical, but repetitive events there is available a "time delay" mode.


A fast rotating disc. The rotational speed: 0-1000 rpm. Exposure time: 250us
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HSCamS-145PIV PIV System
HSSeqS-V10M PIV System
Cordin Model 220-8
All configurations, parameters and apparatus activities are controlled by software running under Windows 98/2000/XP environment and is clearly and comfortably arranged. The video pictures can be stored on the RAM of the computer with the "acquire sequence" instruction. Then, the stored sequence can be read again with the "play sequence" instruction in playback-mode. Therefore, the sequence can be used for evaluating purposes. The number of the stored pictures (and therefore the length of the sequences) is dependent upon the RAM equipment of the computer. Then the video pictures can be stored on the harddisk.
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