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Cordin Model 220-8
Ultra-High Speed Camera - 100 million pictures per second!
The Model 220-8 is a powerful yet easy to use tool for capturing visual images of fast events. The camera is computer controlled with user friendly software that allows for detailed control over all camera parameters.
The camera itself consists of eight CCD cam­eras whose sensors look through a single objective lens. The light is then divided to the individual frames with uniformity across the field. The shuttering and light gain are pro­vided by individual 18 mm microchannel plate intensifiers. They are fiber optically coupled to a CCD resulting in higher light sensitivity than lens coupling. The exposure time, trigger delay and light gain are preset individually for each frame by the user. These parameters are stored n non-volatile memory within the camera. Each CCD cam­era contains its own frame grabber and images are transferred to the computer for analysis and display on the monitor. The Model 220-8 also operates in live mode for test set-up, focus and image evaluation.

Number of frames: eight with interchangeable beam splitters directing all light to 2,4,6 or 8 frames
Front optics: single lens system
Objective lens: interchangeable Pentax medium format mount standard, other mounts available
Capping shutter: electrically operated from computer, independent trigger or manually operated
Channel registration: +/- one pixel
Intensifier: 18mm MCP
Photocathode: S25 or S20
Gain: up to 7000 independently variable on each frame
Shutter ratio:
10 7 :1
CCD sensor: full resolution progressive scan
Resolution: 782(H) x 582(V)
Gray scale: 8 bit system
Memory buffer: 0.5MB
Exposure duration: 10ns to 10ms in 10ns steps at low end, independent control of each frame
Delay: 10ns to 10ms in 10ns steps at low end, independent control of each frame
Inherent delay: 60ns
Jitter 2.5ns
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Cordin Model 220-8
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