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PIV Systems
PIV Systems
The Sequencer is a computer controlled multi-channel pulse pattern generator for the control and synchronization of the complex electronic experimental setup. This setup can consist of multiple units of diverse type. The flexible design of both, the hardware and the control software enables the miscellaneous application of the sequencer.

The stand-alone sequencer type V5.1 and V5.2 has been previously designed in cooperation with German Aerospace Center in Goettingen. This apparatus housed in a half-sized 19 inch cabinet (Fig. 1) became a standard control unit of the PIV-Systems applied there.
Fig 1. The stand-alone sequencer type V5.1 and V5.2  

However, in some special cases a compact version of the sequencer has been desired. For these applications a new sequencer model (V801) has been developed in cooperation with the LaVison company in Goettingen.
This unit has been designed as a PCI-card (Fig.2) to be placed into the slot of a standard PC.

Fig 2. A PCI-card version of the sequencer V801 BM  

A general application software developed at the Hardsoft company provides a graphic-type editor for creation and display of the pulse sequences on all output channels. A screenshot of this software is displayed on Fig.3. A separate, PIV- dedicated software has been additionally written at the DLR Goettingen. Both software packages can control as well the stand-alone sequencer (V5.1 and V5.2) as the PCI-Sequencer V801 BM.

Fig 3. A screenshot of the standard control software displaying a simple sequence generated on the first output channel  
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