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HSCCamS-3145TMI Multi camera System
HSCCamS-3145TMI Multi camera System
The HSCamS-3145TMI camera system consists of three cameras HSC-145TMI-BW and the Control Unit. The system can control additional light sources for example special flash-lamps. The system is connected to the computer via PCI card, HSD-IO-211.
All parameters of the system are controlled through the software installed in the computer. All cameras are connected to the Control Unit via LVDS cables and the Control Unit is connected to the computer also via LVDS cable. The LVDS standard used in the camera system makes possible to increase the distance between cameras and the computer.

The camera system can record the series of three frames with the very high speed: 1000000 fps.

The HSC-145TMI camera has an additional mode - multiple exposure.
For example:
The camera operates in a four-exposure mode, i.e. the fourfold shuttered exposure is integrated into a single frame.

Sensor 2/3" Progressive Scan, black and white
Resolution 1360(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel 6,45µm x6,45µm
Digitizer Video 10Bit/20MHz
Shutter/exposure time 1µs do 100ms
Interframe time 0ns to 100ms, step 50ns
Multi shutter 1 to 4
Jitter 12,5ns
External Trigger TTL
Lens mount C-mount

Very short exposure period (1us) and asynchronous work mode make it possible to apply the camera for registering very fast phenomena in a selected time moment.

The Control Unit is central part of the system. It controls all cameras and light sources. It also enables to communicate with PC and installed software.
The Control Unit includes the following elements:
  • Sequencer V5.11-Euro module,
  • three HSD-CAMINT-V25 modules camera interface,
  • HSD-PCINT-V25 module - PC interface.

All modules are installed in the 19" case.
Sequencer V5.11-Euro is programmable, 16 channels pulse generator. Three channels controls light sources, and next three channels controls cameras. The exposure time shutter is defined by pulse duration.

The software features:
  • controls all parameters of the system,
  • transfers images,
  • records images to hard disk,
  • simple operations on images: profile and histogram.
HSCamS-3145TMI system configuration covers the following areas:
  • camera parameters,
  • exposure times for each of camera,
  • delays between cameras and light sources signals,
  • runtime mode : Live, Triggered, Single, Automatic.


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