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Phase Shifter / Time Delayer
The HSD-PSTD-V500 is a PCI card developed for shifting a trigger pulse especially in periodical but also in non periodical experiments. Input pulses can be delayed by any phase shift angle. The angle is precisely controlled by the hardware and remains constant, not depending upon the frequency. The frequency itself can be changed in a very wide range depending upon the phase shift resolution, from 0.005 Hz to over 1 MHz.
Periodical Experiments - Phase Shifting
When a periodical pulses appears on the trigger input, an output trigger is shifted by the given phase angle. The period between pulses is measured and in the next step the trigger pulse on the output appears. The process of measuring and generating pulses assembles in the digital circuit, and guarantees full precision in the very wide frequency range. Because there is a connection between an output resolution and a maximum input trigger frequency, the device can work in 8 ranges e.g. for the range of maximum input frequency 2.0 MHz the resolution is 22.5 degree, for the range of maximum output resolution 0.005 degree the maximum input frequency is 600 Hz.
Non-periodical Experiments - Time Delay
In this mode the output trigger pulse appears at the given time after the input trigger. The delay can be selected in the wide time range from 25 ns up to 100 s with resolution 25 ns with jitter 6,25ns.

Technical Specifications
Two modes of operation: phase shift and time delay
Trigger input: TTL, TTL digital isolator, internal or analog
Digital filter for input trigger
Programmable active trigger slope
Two TTL output triggers (for camera and flash)
. Phase Shift Ranges:
Phase Resolution
The period is divided by Maximum Trigger Frequency
22,5 16 2000,0
5,62 64 625,0
1,4 256 150,0
0,35 1024 39,0
0,088 4096 9,7
0,022 16384 2,4
0,011 32768 1,2
0,005 65536 0,6
Time Delay Range:
25 ns - 100 s
Resolution: 25 ns
Input to Output jitter: 6,5 ns
Onboard generator (internal trigger):
Generator can be used independently or connected to the trigger input
Frequency limit: 0.01 Hz - 1 MHz
Additional independent Input Trigger Frequency Meter
Select from list:
Phase Shifter / Time Delayer CPFT V4.1
HSC-40BW Camera
HSC-145S Camera
HSC-55BW Camera
Sequencer V5.0 EURO
Sequencer V5.11
Sequencer V801-BM
HSD-Sequencer V700-EM
HSD-Sequencer V710-EM
HSD-Sequencer V720-EM
HSD-Sequencer V750-EM
IL-105/6X Illuminator
HSD-PSTD-V500 can be used in a conventional or a digital video stroboscope. It offers visualization of fast rotating or oscillating objects in a slacken rate. The partial scanning of the phase shift range is also possible.
The software controlling the HSD-PSTD-V500 works in three modes: Edit, Manual and Run. In Edit mode you can simply edit the time table. Pulses on the output are disabled. In Manual mode you can manually adjust the phase angle. The output is enabled. In Run mode the phase shifter will execute its programmed sequences. The current phase angle is displayed.
Control software for Windows 98/2000/XP.
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