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HSC-55BW Camera
HSC-55BW Camera
HSC-55 Camera is a digital camera of high resolution, in which CMOS sensor is applied. The camera can be manufactured in the version with HSC-55BW black-and-white sensor, or HSC-55C colour sensor. The camera parameters qualify it as a measuring camera. The camera has 10-bit digitalisation system. It is manufactured in two versions: with RAM internal image memory, and without memory. The camera has Gamma digital programmable correction. The camera can be connected to PC by means of HSD-IO-V2.11 card.
The camera operation programme works with Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000 systems.
Sensor 2/3'' CMOS
Resolution 1280(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel 6,4µm x 6,4µm
Digitizer Video 10Bit/40MHz
Asynchronic shutter 1µs - 30ms
Low Speed Shutter 1 - 100 frames
External Trigger TTL
Frame Memory 3,0 MB
Lens mount C-mount
Power supply 12V/0.5A

The programme operates cameras and equipment used for steering cameras, or the whole multiple camera system. The programme recognises cameras, their versions as well as other equipment connected to PC. For each camera individual simple operations can be performed on the image, such as rotation, contrast, profile, and normalisation. All parameters are programmed from the programme level, and remembered for each camera individually. In the mode of work with asynchronous shutter, steering of the camera is indispensable, i.e. defining when and how long the sensor is to be exposed. Sequencer V5.11 impulse generator is used for this purpose. It is also operated by the programme. Sequencer V5.11 can steer maximum sixteen cameras. The steering time dependencies of particular cameras can be graphically set, which simplifies the system configuration.
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Asynchronous work mode makes it possible to apply the camera for registering very rapid phenomena in a selected time moment. In this work mode, the moment of photograph taking can be synchronised with the registered phenomenon. The camera can be additionally equipped with the impulse illuminator (programmed photo-flash-lamp), helpful at short exposure times.
In the asynchronous mode, the camera can work in “Partial Scan” mode. This mode consists in registering e.g. 256 lines instead of 1024. In result 1280(H) x 256(V) images are preserved in the memory with the speed 100 images per second.
In the synchronous mode, the camera is applied for registering static images from microscope, even if the observed preparation is poorly illuminated.
The standard camera version enables registering of images with the speed of 30 images per second.
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