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HSC-145S camera
HSC-145S camera
The HSC-145S camera applies in measuring-systems. In the measuring-system can work several cameras. In multi-camera systems every camera module has internal image memory. The camera can be manufactured in the version with a black-white or colour sensor.
The level of camera noise is a very important parameter. Excessive level of noise decreases the accuracy of calculations related to coupled images correlation.
Camera parameters can be significantly improved by application of sensor cooling system. Sensor cooling down to -20C significantly improves the signal to noise.
A two-stage cooling system, based on two Peltier elements has been applied in the camera.

Sensor 2/3" Progressive Scan
Resolution 1360(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel 6,7µm x 6,7µm
Digitizer Video 10Bit/20MHz
External Trigger TTL or LVDS
Exposure time 1µs - 100ms (to 2000s option)
Frame Memory 2,0 MB
Lens mount C-mount

The camera is connected to the computer by means of PCI card HSD-IO-V211. This card enables for the programming of camera parameters and retrieve images from the camera. Image transmission time is about 90 ms. All inputs and outputs are of the LVDS standard which dramatically decreases the influence of interferences during transmission and enables for the application of 10 m-long cables connecting the camera with the computer

The HSC-145S camera can be made in many versions with additional functions. Very short exposure period (1us) and asynchronous work mode make it possible to apply the camera for registering very fast phenomena in a selected time moment. The camera can be additionally equipped with the image intensifier (MCP) which shortens the shutter time up to 10ns.

The HSC-145PIV camera has been specially developed for the fluid flow investigations by means of the Particle Image Velocimetry technique (PIV).

The camera can be also equipped with impulse illuminator (flash-lamp or LED flash), helpful at short exposure periods.

The HSC-145S camera is used in the multi-camera system HSCamS-3145, HSCamS-6145 and HSCamS-8145. The system makes possible the steering of illuminats for every camera individually.

The HSC-145TMI camera this is the new version HSC-145S camera with the additional option of multiple shutter.


The software runs in Windows 98/2000/XP environment. The camera can be configured by means of the control software.
The programme operates cameras and equipment used for steering cameras, or the whole multi-camera system. All parameters are programmed from the program level, and remembered for each camera individually. In the mode of work with asynchronous shutter, steering of the camera is indispensable, i.e. defining when and how long the sensor is to be exposed. Sequencer V5.1E or Sequencer V801BM - programmable pulse generator are used for this purpose; the generator is also operated by the software. The controlling time dependencies of particular cameras can be graphically set, which simplifies the system configuration.

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The bullet fired a shot from the pneumatic pistol. The bullet destroys the barrier. Velocity: 140m/s. Exposure time: 4µs.
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